Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter From The Isgars, Barnwells, and Crandalls. Mt. Pleasant Bunny Fest 2016. We Survived.

They descended from Central New York. They drove in trucks, Rav 4s, and a Mini-Van. They brought chocolate and luggage. We cooked a ham, squash, creamed potatoes, green been casseroles, Portuguese rolls, and asparagus. The dogs played, played some more, and played even more.

No one killed each other, and that is always good. Even as exhausted as each of us were, we were on our best behavior.

The Kelly's came, too, bringing a delicious Easter cake and a good appetite and the kitchen was transformed to an open oasis into a fine-dining arrangement.

The UCONN women killed Mississippi State, and another day of SU basketball approached.

Meanwhile, Chitunga wound down his siesta in Italy.

There are enough plastic eggs lying around to keep the Easter Bunny satisfied for numerous weeks to come. Snickers, Milky Ways, Three Musketeer bars, Kit Kats, and Twix. The Cadbury Eggs have been devoured and the jelly beans have been swallowed.

This is all to say HAPPY EASTER, Universe. Here's to April ahead and another year of hoppy-ness.

Boing Boing Boing. Our love blossoms like an amaryllis, tulips, azaleas, and daffodils.

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