Saturday, March 5, 2016

Meet George Jetson! By Golly, Astro. Go Get LeRoy and Judy. Your Boss is on the Line. Well, Family, That Is.

One of my Friday rituals I've grown to love is coming home, opening a beer, cleaning the house, putting away the laundry, and settling in my Crandall chair to call the parental units, then my sisters (who are usually not available), only to have each FaceTime me back throughout the night.

We always laugh that we never thought we'd see the day when the Jetson's reality was our own, but on Friday nights we get face-to-face time to catch up on our weeks. I remarked yesterday that the IPad may be the single most greatest invention of our time. I suppose the next step will be community FaceTime as if we are all in the same room (and I'd also love a dog walker...that would be cool, too, on the mornings when I don't have time to get on the streets with Glamis).

When I think about all the chaotic shenanigans of this recent year (and how much humans suck), I find hope in thinking about the inventors who somehow get beyond the politics to imagine a better world and to create tools that make our lives a little more interesting.

Teleportation? I'm not sure if that it necessary, but it might be one day. Cloning? They can do that and it is scary. I do think, though, that I'm ready for a flying saucer so I can avoid I-95 traffic.

Yeah, that would be awesome.

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