Monday, March 14, 2016

Highlight from Yesterday: Kaitlin's Sheppard Pie and Pam's Corned Beef. Luck of the Irish for this Idio

Sunday began great. I woke up at the normal time, realized it was an hour later than the normal time (damn Daylights Savings), then immediately got to work. I knew at 1 pm I needed to take a break for an Irish feast in Monroe. I ordered Sheppard's Pie and it was delivered by Kaitlin. I've never made it myself, but it was a favorite for me to have at the Rover in Louisville. Totally Irish and I get it...the ingredients that is.

I've not had corned beef (and if I have, I don't remember it). As I asked Pam, "How did they make the beef taste like pork?" There was a reason (it's the worst part of the cow or something), but I don't recall. I just enjoyed it.

Then, it was time to return back to work, but I was easily distracted at a DSW run to get Tunga new sneakers and then a stop at Walmart to get travel materials for his Italy trip. I know the excursion was a total testimony of procrastination, but I paid for it later, staying up much to late to finish goals (cough cough, I tried to finish them, but failed). It is a sad state of affairs when I get to the final week of my vacation and realize that the only break I took was a 3 hour Irish feast in Monroe (which was fantastic) - the rest of the time was spent working....perhaps even longer days and harder than usual.
A man at Syracuse once told me, "Academia is a life choice. Rarely does one get breaks."

I'm ready for a break, but that is not on the horizon for a while. And when I get a break, I'm teaching myself to make Sheppard's pie. Just looking at the photograph makes my mouth water.

And Garfield, Ugh! I know it's Monday.

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