Monday, March 21, 2016

Channeling Luda and Realizing, "I Believe." It's March Madness and I'm Trusting I Am Using Every Minute Wisely.

You have only just a minute, only sixty seconds in it, forced upon you, can't refuse it, didn't seek it, didn't choose it, but it's up to you to use will suffer if you lose it, give account if you abuse it, just a tiny little minute, but an eternity is in it. ~Luda Dixon
 I don't know why, but Luda Dixon is always on my mind! I guess that means I am a Brownie forever, and his wisdom lurks in my conscious memory as I try to pace myself for life. And that is why I am posting "I Believe" from the Book of Mormon soundtrack.

I may have posted this song before (from CBS Tony Award's, I believe), but today I wanted to declare that I do believe in this Syracuse University Men's Basketball team. Earlier this year, I was a doubter (so much so that I declared there was know way in #$#@ they'd make the tournament). Ah, but they did. Still, I didn't believe in them. Then, last night, I texted Abu (who was at work and shooting messages to me that this is THE team) and wrote, "If they win by 20, then I will know they are a team to believe in."

They won by 25. I am a true believer. Ah, but I'm not optimistic about Gonzaga. They are definitely a tournament team and ever since I've been watching their program, I've admired the tremendous run they have in NCAA tournaments. So, Friday...I'll be watching.

And my family will be here and we will not stop believing. It is looking like a pizza, beer and scream fest to kick off Easter weekend. I'm looking around my living room trying to find a way where everyone can sit comfortably. It will be rough, but we can do it!

In the meantime, I've been writing and reading, believing I can get all my work done, too. I have to believe. Interestingly, I've been reading a lot on experiential education and I have to say, "This teaching thing is a bit of a farce. It is true. The best teacher is experience." I am thinking of Tunga's 9 days in Italy - totally envious of his youth and opportunity - knowing that every second he spends overseas (academic or social), he is growing wiser and smarter about this world. Having opportunity to travel is a privilege and he recognizes this. Ah, but he also earned this and paid for the entire experience on his own through hustling through jobs, saving, and having a goal in mind.

Finally, about this storm. They said 12 inches. Then they went down to 1 inches. Yesterday, the went up to 6 -8 inches (I guess they thought it wasn't moving out to sea as fast as they predicted) and this morning they are back to 1-3 inches. It's all good. There's a warmup this week that will return us to the path we were already on.

Bring on the tulips. I welcome the grass and buds. But let's keep 'Cuse going hard for a few more weeks!

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