Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Insert Rocky Music Here: This Has Become My Tuesday Theme Song in 2016. I Just Wish I Was in Better Shape for the Fight

First, I am thankful that Chitunga is home during the day, because I leave early in the a.m. and don't return until after class at 8. It is Faculty Salary Committee, followed by Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation meetings, followed by office hours, followed by Developmental Reading in Secondary Schools.

I spend my weekends and Monday getting everything ready for this day and this week, too, I have to be prepared for Washington, DC, tomorrow.

If only I could where sweats to these events.

Seriously, I have to have every second of my Tuesday charted, mapped, organized and aligned, so I can greet the friendly graduate students who work for our department and give them tasks for the day, "While I'm away can you do this, and copy that, and file this, and have this prepared, and maker sure that this."

I never thought I'd become someone who had to be so "bossy" but on Tuesdays it is my only way to survive.

And on Monday night? I try to cook everything I can so there's food in the house when I return, so I can come home and immediately begin preparing for the Wednesday morning class (which I have to partially miss because I need to catch the Amtrak).

I shake my head. There's got to be a better way, but I don't think there is. There's only this and I'm doing my best to meet the challenge.

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