Sunday, March 20, 2016

It's So Great To Have Neighborhood Dogs Visit So Glamis Will Leave Me Alone For a While To Type.

I now know why people with little children have play dates. It's so the kids will stop driving their parents nuts and so the parents can gain back some sanity.

Yesterday, when Jaxon was walking around the neighborhood with the kids I asked, "Hey, can I borrow your dog for a little while? I think it would be really good to tire my puppy out. They play so well together."

"Sure," the little kid with a leash replied. "But I need to ask my mom first."

"Just ask for 15 minutes. All I need is 15 minutes."

And I got it. 15 minutes was just enough to give me time to begin a project and to tire Glamis out so her cold nose wasn't being pushed up against my face, wrists, thighs, and legs. She got a 4 mile walk in, followed by play time with Jax, so I actually had around 3 hours of uninterrupted work time.

It was heaven. Of course, I payed for it later, after Glamis woke up from her nap and wanted to wrestle me to the ground. There's only so many peanut butter in the chew toy tricks a man can do before she even grows tired of that.

Earlier this week they were calling for a northeastern storm of 12 inches, but I heard on last count it may only be 1 or 2 inches. I have a couple Sunday meetings (grants, grants, grants) and I need to get on top of a couple of writing projects and courses for the week. I've prepped, however, to have most of the day today in sweats and on the couch with the laptop. This, of course, will be made impossible with the world's most loving dog, but I will try.

On the Italian front, I didn't expect Chitunga would be able to text, but he's been in direct communication all day. I haven't received news about the scenery or the excitement of being in a new country...all I've gotten were stories of bathrooms, which makes me think he really is a part of the Crandall family.

Happy Sunday. I have to admit, I was somewhat excited about having another storm. Looks like it will be a buzzkill.

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