Saturday, March 26, 2016

And On a Good Friday, Good Family, Good Chaos, Good Food, Good Games, and a Good New Patio Set

It still seems strange to me that I get up before my father now. He sleeps until 9 while I get up at 7. There seems to be some sort of odd change with that.

I got my coffee, some writing, and a run in, and then the rest of the crew arrived. My house hasn't seen this much food in, um, forever. The fridge is stacked and the counters are covered.

I've decided that entertaining is totally balancing out feeding schedules and having enough out for everyone when they're ready to feast. While the sisters checked out hotel, Papi Butch and I went to Ocean State Job Lot and managed to get two large glass tables for the back patio. Bonus.

Then Paradise Pizza and Syracuse Orange at night, with lots more food, and screaming before the drive to Connecticut finally caught up with them.

And all three dogs got to reside on Mt. Pleasant. I am not sure who they stayed awake as long as they did after a day of non-stop play, but they didn't retire early at all. Rather, they just played.

Ah, but today is the big Easter dinner, and I look forward to cooking a ham and making creamed potatoes.

Exhausted...but happy.

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