Friday, March 4, 2016

Congratulations, Hill Central!!! On Behalf of @CwpFairfield I Am Sending You the Greatest Cheers @donnadelbasso

2016 has provided two months of ugh, eek, oh no, yikes, and oof. January and February were not the friendliest months, but yesterday, March announced,

Woo Hoo! Celebrate! Ya Hoo! Phenomenal. Woot Woot! Hooray!

I learned from faculty and administrators at Hill Central they are officially beyond the State's Turn-Around School status; they have successfully moved students beyond the achievement goals they set forth many years ago.

I've written about the school's magic here, the beginning of digital acoustics here, jazzing it up here, workshops here, wings-spans here, poetry slams here, 1st graders here, digital learning day here, and final arggghuments here, which led to a radio show and the publication Taking risks with literacy acoustics. Phew!

Their success began with a vision, however, of a leadership team who chose to invest in the teachers at Hill Central. Investment in teacher leadership around literacy leadership transfers to effective practices for student achievement. The literacy coaches helped to create an infrastructure that utilized professional development conducted by groups like CWP-Fairfield. Effective practices were carried forth into classrooms on a daily basis with vertical teaming and interdisciplinary conversations throughout the year.

The students, teachers, and administrators and Hill Central should be very proud
. I can't wait to visit again to give high fives and hugs. I said from the beginning, the most important part of a school activity system is community and Hill Central, as a solidified community, has much to be proud of. They have accomplished the tremendous task (and so much more than a single release from a State label). The countless hours, sleepless nights, and intense reflections are all reasons that this news deserves tremendous celebration.


Lillian Fontan....Represent! 

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