Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cleaned Up Nice For a Quinceañera. @Chitunga1995 Celebrating Saturday With Jacob and Friends

Tunga sent me this photo of Jacob and him before Jacob's little sisters sweet Quinceañera. They ran a 5K to kick of their day, he picked up a new suit while the twins and I cleaned the house top to bottom and he was off. That left us behind to continue the Mt. Pleasant Corn Hole tournament, 2016, in which Lossine upset Abu's winning streak, and then I was able to clean house soon after.

Ah, the humidity. I am feeling the weeks that just were, but I got a 4 miler in myself, although I didn't race for a t-shirt. I just sweat in the pea soup that has been Connecticut air.

Today, all three boys are joining Pam at Yankees Stadium as they take on Cleveland (Pam was given four awesome tickets leaving me as the 5th wheel). Looks like Glamis and I will have quality time in absolute silence, which I'm looking forward to - hoping that I don't sleep the entire day away out of boredom and an unaccustomed lack of energy in the house.

I get used to seeing Tunga in his black pants and work shirts, followed by his gym shorts and t-shirts. He cleans up nicely for special occasions which I know this is - a cultural tradition Jacob's family has been working on for months.

I am going to take advantage of this day of rest and, seriously - seriously, I think I am going to take this rest thing seriously. I need a full day to process everything that just was. And with that, let my mini-Bryan day begin.

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