Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Guest Blog From @AbuBility Upon His Last 24 Hours in Connecticut, Summer '16. His Words Here.

Today's Blog Post is Brought To You By Abu Bility.

Has it been a month already? Well, I guess the saying is true. "All good things must come to an end." (Bryan inserts a Boo here...Boo for Abu). And tomorrow marks the end to our stay at Mount Pleasant Ave in Connecticut in 2016, another year (Bryan adds Phew). Crandall is a schmuck but, he is the greatest schmuck you'll ever encounter in your life. 

As we say our goodbyes tomorrow, I will be thinking of my brother, Chitunga and Bryan, as they drive back to CT without us. My brother and I are heading to Boston to spend the night with one of our college friends before hitting the road back to Syracuse on Friday. We will have to part ways after the New England Patriots game.

This summer has definitely been another for the books. From going to a NYCFC soccer game in NYC to Yankees baseball and a Patriots pre-season game against the New Orlean Saints  at Gillette stadium in New England. We also had our last Sunday dinner with Pam on a Wednesday night (because we needed one more dinner session with our Connecticut mom). When you sourround yourself with good people, life seems to get better no matter what is going on in the world. I am glad I have these wonderful people in my life and that I can go to them whenever I need them. They really are family and as the picture shows a family can come in a different forms (just look at us). 

I do hope to be back in Connecticut within the next two weeks working or at least doing some interviews. To my Connecticut people, it's been real. Working with the kids in Ubuntu Academy and Young Adults Literacy Labs was another great experience this summer for Lossine and me.  I hope to keep working and inspiring young kids as they follow their educational dreams. My wish is to assist them in making their Americans Dreams a reality. 

Before all is said and done, I want to say a special Thank You to our hosts, Dr. Bryan Ripley Crandall and Chitunga, for the great hospitality. I don't know what life would be like for my family and me without all the help and great advice given us the last eight years. 

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you. I will see you guys in a few weeks inshallah. 


And with that, we are traveling to the Patriots game today.

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