Thursday, August 18, 2016

Flashback to the 90s, A Day of Pool Action on Amalfi Drive, Night-capped with Chubby's Pizza and More Corn Hole

My mom laments often that no one is over to use her pool this summer and the only activity out back has been the red cardinal birds. "Cherry Heights has been dead." Well, I think we changed all that when Rhiannon came over, followed by the twins and we started a few matches of Corn Hole. Before long, Akech, Edem and Dylan joined us, matched with Glamis and Bella. Michael Wroble also walked down and this mean e have enough people for a volleyball game.

Mom, sitting up on the pool said, "Um, I don't think we should grill out. Too many people. Why don't we do Chubby's?" So, we did. I ran up with dad to get pizza, Val's wings, and hot wings, while they continued to play in the pool.

After dinner, it turned into more Corn Hole tournament time (Abu and I with 6 games in a row).

This is the kind of summer I dream of (or at least the used of a little vacation time while I can have it - grade in the morning and play in the afternoon and evening).

To top off the evening? Big Brother at 8. I'm sure my mom is thinking, "Hell no. We're not doing this again." But she wanted activity like it used to be in the backyard of 5388 Amalfi. We brought just that and it was an absolute blast.


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