Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Team Bryan, Just 5 Players Short of Fielding a Baseball Team. Corn Hole Will Suffice. We Got This

The good thing about growing up with sisters is that I learned early how to be a pain and pest. Casey was usually the punching bag for all the pranks, but I became well suited for my adult life, too, especially with Abu and Lossine in the house and all the pranks they play on me. I can easily get revenge.

It's been a mini-war where Lossine puts whatever he can find into my bed and, with Abu's help (and Patrick's), I've been able to do the same. Last night's feast was insect carcasses found in the back yard.

There was plenty of time to find them, too, as we played almost four hours of Corn much so that we've decided that we think it should become an Olympic sport.

I told Rhiannon when she visited earlier that Mt. Pleasant had become a frat house. It has, but we are super clean and respectful (with minor alterations for boys being boys).

Last night, though, was cheeseburger and barbecue chicken pizza and a marathon of bean bag tossing. Three of us made four in a row (which was on the table for extra something, although we never decided what). I still had time, though, to locate the bug carcasses strategically on a pillow so the pranks could continue (I am sure I will regret it a 2 in the morning when they finally retire to sleep).

Our summer time together is winding down, though, and I can feel the sadness approaching. It's an absolute riot to go at one another from sunrise to sundown, and the stillness upon this week's departure will definitely be a punch to Chitunga, Glamis and me. The twins = playfulness, and I appreciate every second of it.

Shoot. As I type this, I believe Lossine has found his pillow. I just heard Bryan screamed up the stairs. This isn't good.

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