Wednesday, August 17, 2016

CNY is Not CNY Without a Clam Bar Trip in North Syracuse (Although I've Missed Several Visits The Last Few Trips).

The storms were disappointing, although I prepped my entire day hoping for another Labor Day storm. I will forever associate visits home with the damage and wind destruction from way back when, when the storms wiped out the region. I was thinking we might have a recreation yesterday, but nope. It was mild (although a tornado did start up across Oneida Lake).

The Tuesday highlight was taking time out from grading to have a steak sandwich at The Clam Bar with the parental units, although I should have opted for the scallops, shrimp, and pasta dish that my dad had. Truthfully, 80% of my North Syracuse memories involve The Clam Bar in some way. A step up from Chubby's, The Clam Bar has been part of our CNY life more than any other restaurant, even McDonald's.

Grading. Grading. Grading. I'm almost done. Also, I went for another run, but needed to walk part of it off because of the electric shocks running down my leg, into my ankles, and out my toes. I'm not sure what that's about, but it was impossible to run at my normal pace. It hurt too much.

It may have been an after-effect of watching Paradise Island  with my mom. Days isn't on because of the Olympics, and she has managed to find the world's cheesiest reality show ever invented (and she's hooked, even though she apologetically keeps asking for forgiveness for watching such cheese). I will give her credit because Hope, Marlena, Bo, and Roman have been hijacked in Rio, and she desperately needs drama in her life (that is, if those characters are even on Days any more).

And with that, it's Wednesday. I'm scratching my chin hairs wondering, "Will there be Corn Hole tournaments, today?"

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