Sunday, August 14, 2016

With The Heat Turned Up, I Simply Want To Chill Out. Thinking About My Parent's Pool & Contemplating a Road Trip Home

I knew when I walked the dog on Saturday and returned drenched that I needed a pool. Later, I mowed the lawn and was again soaked in my self-created sweat. I thought how nice it would be to have a pool to jump into and even though about swimming in the sound (although I didn't want the hot sand on my feet).

So, I need(ed) to make a decision about how to spend the week getting ready for the next semester and several writing projects needing to be turned up on the stove, and decided this might be a good time to head to Syracuse. It's hot there, too, but at least there's pools to jump in (and my parents and Cynde keep their homes in sub-arctic temperatures).

I hate leaving Chitunga to fend off the heat alone, but he has to work in the garage all week. I know, too, that we're flying out to Louisville the week after and soon after that, another semester begins.

The refrigerator is stocked for him and I will throw together a hamper of summer crap to wear, then do the 5 hour trek to Syracuse. It's a much needed break away from the Connecticut life and a heck of lot closer than driving from Kentucky like I did all those years ago.

With 96 degrees, before humidity, now seems like as good of a time as any. I want a BLT, some corn hole with Butch, and to restock on Wegman's Asian BBQ sauce. The only regret is that Tunga can't join me, as he's obligated to his job without the ability to take time off. He could use a few more swim lessons, but they'll have to wait. Maybe he can find away to join us and be a surprise, but it is doubtful. Mt. Pleasant will have to be his castle to take care of for a short time.

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