Monday, August 22, 2016

And Just Like That We've Returned Back To Connecticut and Already We're Missing The CNY Love of Family and Friends

Last day in Syracuse and Tunga says to Sean and Jacob, "We're going to take you to breakfast."

Um, okay.

We did.

And the entire trip I kept thinking, "Oh, this is lil' KC and lil' Bryan." They were playing tricks on one another in the back seat like we used to do, and as soon as we entered the Cicero Diner, the table became a playground. Yes, we came for breakfast, but to this age it meant a bowling alley, race cars, Legos, and projectile missiles. In a blink of an eye, Sean built a pyramid out of jelly on the table. Another blink, Jacob knocked them down.

Cool. Well, after the waitress laughed and said it was cool.

We will miss family time from the week and I owe a special shout out to the parental units who graciously opened their home to the their only son and his chaos for the week: friends, Corn Hole, pool games, and noise. I know I interrupted their routines.

Two other shout outs to my sisters for being wonderful women in my life and tremendously supportive of my world.

The third shout outs go to the bro-in-laws, niece, and nephews. Always fund to laugh with you (get ice cream with you).

I needed the break. I needed the running through Cherry Heights streets, the chlorine, the beers at Chubby's and the Clam Bar.

I needed the love and am thankful that it all arrived over the last 7 days.

And now...the transition to the Fall semester begins. Ugh.

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