Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When In Doubt, A Face Usually Says It All. Body Language People. Body Language. A Face Doesn't Lie.

Pam really, really wanted to get together after I returned from Syracuse, simply because she wanted to have someone to hang out with. I made arrangements on Tuesday to write in the morning, so that we could run and do errands in the afternoon. I need new sneakers because I wore the treads off the ones I bought earlier this summer.

"Sure," I said to Pam, "I can run to DSWs. And Christmas Tree Shop. And Walmart. And Ocean State Job Lot. And Michaels. And Wine Depot."

I didn't end up buying anything, but I enjoyed an afternoon of store hopping.

Edem, who is visiting from Syracuse and watching Glamis this weekend while Chitunga and I tour Louisville, had a different experience. His face says it all, "Um, what is going on here? Bryan is yelling at pam about how slow she shops, and Pam is telling Bryan that she's keeping a good pace, and the two of them keep on laughing, even though they act like they're fighting the entire time."

Yup, he wanted shopping with the twins separated at birth, and was also treated to an Applebees salad, although we learned that he hates unmelted cheese. Go figure.

It was great to see Pam again, although Chitunga and I are heading right back out. I wish I got new sneakers or that any of the shopping proved to be fruitful, but it was a total bust. The company was good, though, and Edem gotta see Orange and Milford.

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