Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Ultimate Athleticism of Susan Marilyn Crandall and Her Olympic Debut with Corn Hole on Sunshine Saturday

There are occasions when SudyRip flexes her muscle and joins the family in physical games such as football, lacrosse, basketball and wrestling. Cynderballz and I have fond memories of the time she played badminton with us and Chippers flew underneath her lifting her in the air so she flew straight on her ass. Dad has memories of volleyball and softball, and even times on the bowling alley.

Yesterday, though, we talked her into playing Corn Hole in the back yard and I was so impressed by her form and willingness to jump in the game. She didn't win, but she looked mighty good trying to win. She did this even with puppy dogs as obstacles.

The clouds came in yesterday, uninvited, but we still got a backyard day of barbecue, games, and pool. Chitunga joined us from Connecticut, dad pulled out bacon-wrapped scallops, the twins arrived with Edem, and Rhiannon joined us after moving things from Apartment A to Apartment B. I'd have to say it was a successful day, although it would have been nice if Casey and Dave could have joined us.

One of the best highlights of the day was when the boys and I were all watching the Women's Olympic volleyball team and Jacob was bored and going through Papi Butch's things. He pulled out a book and showed it to Chitunga and Sean, asking, "Why does Papi Butch have this?"

The title was Having Sex Over 50, and I imagine a practical joke comic book that was given to him 25 years ago when he turned 50. Dad blushed and got mad, while Chitunga just burst out laughing. It was very, very comical

Ah, but I have to report that it is Sunday and time to head back to Connecticut (boo). It's been a refreshing week that I very much needed....very, very much so. I am so thankful to my mom, dad, and sisters for opening their CNY lives this last week. 

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