Monday, September 5, 2016

Well, Hermine. You Were A Total Buzz Kill, But We Were Ready. You Just Had a Different Plan

Well, so much for a day indoors trying to accomplish the impossible. It was mighty nice outside and we headed to Sea Side Park in anticipation of winds and waves, only to find slightly swirling water and total blue skies.

I kept thinking that maybe Hermine would come in during the evening hours, but she had larger plans to go out east. We're expected only to get slight winds and a little rain.

The last rounds of hurricanes/tropical storms were so threatening that I traveled up to Syracuse in order to secure electricity and time to to write on my dissertation. That was five years ago. When I called my Uncle Milford to wish him him luck with the storm he replied, "Well, we stocked up at the liquor store, so we're good to go." I said, "Chitunga, my uncle has a plan of action we should replicate."

Um, it was useless. I worked on syllabi, walked, played outside, went to Monroe for lasagna, and even ran. It really was a gorgeous September day that was too beautiful to waste indoors. Gleams, too, loved being outside. The air was cool, and the sun simply perfect.

We just never know, and that is the beauty/power of Mother Nature. Got to love her, even when she doesn't deliver the punch that human beings predicted. I mean, they closed down national parks and kept people out of the water...for what?

I guess the saying, "Better safe than sorry," is a good enough reason.

And here we are on labor day with more need now to labor more ridiculously to make up for the time wasted yesterday anticipating inclement weather. We never learn...

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