Monday, September 26, 2016

So, One Thing That Definitely Didn't Happen This Weekend Is Laundry. Hope To Find Time Later This Week

I am opting for a huge photo of a laundry basket because this is sort of what my laundry room looks like. Actually, take this pile and amplify it by four. There are currently four laundry baskets piled this high next to the dryer and washer.

Why? Well, we've been good about cleaning the laundry, but not so good about folding it and putting it away. That's what happens when academic work calls and deadlines arrive. The house comes second, even when it is the weekend.

I don't necessarily mind folding the laundry or putting it away, but it is a time-consuming task that doesn't always fit into my week-by-week schedule. I can keep up with the dishes and kitchen (cooking even on a daily basis), but staying atop the laundry.


Of course, I know my sisters battle this, too, and when I think about our own upbringing, it seemed that it was the bane of my mother's existence (until my father started helping out some, and my sisters and I grew old enough to do our own).

So, I'm beginning this Monday with defeat that the unfolded laundry might begin attacking us if we don't take care of it soon. Adulthood is for the birds. I'd throw in the towel, but then I'd have to wash it, dry it, fold it, and put it away. Yuck.

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