Sunday, September 4, 2016

Channeling Ms. Twiggley, Today. I Don't Live in a Tree, but If The Hurricane Winds Arrive, I Offer Refuge

Hurricane Hermine is now a tropical storm and they've issued a warning to southern Connecticut that we might have some wind and rain. I'm actually looking forward to being forced indoors to accomplish a few tasks. When it is nice, I'm too distracted... yesterday, I decided vacuuming the cars was more important than finishing a few chapters. yesterday, do laundry instead of finish that proposal. yesterday, mop the floors and clean up the dog hair instead of finishing syllabi.

I figured, "It's supposed to get yucky towards labor day, so you can labor then."

Then I remembered Ms. Twiggley's tree and how she allowed everyone in her town to climb up her tree during a time of floods, rain, and winds. I'd likely do the same, accepting cats, bears and neighborhood dogs into my abode. It's my nature (albeit eccentric) and I don't understand why any wouldn't offer shelter to someone else. It's always a great time for a tea party and why not keep everyone dry.

I'm not sure when the weather is supposed to turn; for now, it's time to drop Edem off at the train station, to wish him safe travels, and to hunker down to get some $#@$ done (huge goals for this blustery-predicted Sunday).

And with that, we wait.

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