Saturday, September 10, 2016

Seriously? Too Hot in the Dome for the Cards? Please. Have You Ever Been To Louisville? Come On.

The visitors showed up right after Louisville scored it's first touchdown at 8:04. Tunga ran to the bank, and I was ready for the game. Um, the Louisville kept scoring, so it was easier to watch from the kitchen where I couldn't see the game and I could gage the score from Tunga's shouts and hollers. At 10 pm when the guests left, I came out to the t.v. to see it wasn't as big of an ass-whooping as I anticipated. Of course, two hours went by and it was only halftime.

Um, kid...this football thing is a commitment. We're talking 4.5 hours of life for one game. My eyes can't stay open that long, let alone attentive.

I think what humored me the most was Louisville players being pulled off the field in the Carrier Dome with sportscasters announcing the unbearable heat of 80 degrees - too much for Louisville players (who were kicking butt). Um, Newhouse graduates, have you ever been to Louisville in the summer?  80 degree heat is nothing compared to what they're used to playing in. They can handle it. Maybe CNYorkers can't handle it, but Louisvillians can. That was odd commentary stating the "Cards can't handle the heat."

They're up by 20. They're doing fine. This is Koolaid for them.

Just bring on basketball. The Post Standard had a report today about Boeheim's hype of this year's team. Syracuse football hasn't been a contender in some time. I'd love to love Cuse football, but they're just not that strong (like they used to be). Perhaps they will build it again, but at 3 hours and still in the 3rd quarter, I'm like YAWN.

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