Saturday, September 24, 2016

In Ties, With Hope, Driven Ahead, and Responsible to Speak Out... @abubility In a Suit, Part One

We clean up nicely, no?

It was great having Abu on Mt. Pleasant during the fall semester as he interviewed for a potential job and assisted me while we worked with a political science class on Africa. He does a phenomenal job communicating his goals, story, and dreams and when he's around my job becomes easier. For many years, he's SKYPED with my students, but because he was on campus and I was scheduled to speak, he added the extra bonus that knocked the conversation out of the ball park. No doubt that he and his brother, Lossine, are VIP in my world and with my family.

I wish him much joy today as he attends a wedding in Syracuse for another of his fans (he has the opportunity to try out another suit ... or the one he rocked in Connecticut).

Abu sent me this photo when he made it back to Syracuse on Amtrak after his short stay in the Nutmeg State. Of course, Glamis is already missing him and I want him to return so her licks and bouncy toys can be enjoyed by him. She loves this guy even more than I do, and it is wonderful not having her to annoy me every second I'm in the house. When he's here, she prefers annoying him.

I crashed again early last night, knowing I needed to spend my day on my laptop both catching up and getting ahead. Friday nights are becoming an evening of exhaustion where my body simply yells at me, "Crandall, Chill the Heck Out!"

And the temperatures are supposed to drop this weekend with only 70s in the forecast. The leaves have hinted for a while that they're ready for change and now it looks like the thermometer will join them. It's all good. I look forward to wearing my sweatshirts again.

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