Thursday, September 22, 2016

Transitons. Transitions. Transitions. They're Never Easy (And I'm Not Talking About the End of Big Brother 2016)

Yesterday I wrote about my sweating and I have to admit that it returned briefly yesterday while Abu was at his 3-hour interview. He suited himself up (a great buy from the summer - I got it for him for like $30 bucks) and then I suited myself up, simply because I was asked to give a guest lecture (cough cough, I don't lecture...guess conversation?). When he departed at 9:45, I couldn't focus on my intellectual work so I began to clean (I do that when I'm nervous). I was good on this cleaning frenzy until 12:30, when I realized he was about to return. I made myself some lunch and while eating it in my office, my anxiety began to rise.

How was it going? What if it was a horrible experience? What will the interviewers think of this kid? What if they don't see him as the amazing young man I do? What control do I have in any of it?

I realized I had none, but by then I started sweating. When he entered my office at 1:10 he asked, "Why are you sitting in her in your t-shirt and shorts?" I told him I had to undress and shut the door because I became overheated thinking about him. Actually, I think it was the Crandall special and chicken that did it too me...a bit too spicy.

Abu admitted he was super nervous and I'm forever thankful to a college of mine, P-Jay, who was in the interview and who Abu reported took him under his wing and calmed his nerves down. Then, in his words, "I kill-t it." Even so, it's a job interview and we all know how those just never know. You simply have to put it up to the Great Whatever to let be whatever will be.

We then went to co-guest in a political science class, and discussed our work with Ubuntu Academy. Afterwards, he wanted to nap, but decided that Corn Hole was more important. So we played. I won, 2 games to his 1.

Steak on the grill. Big Bang Theory. Football highlights. Impractical Jokers. and Big Brother....Of course, I also read and graded.

Gleams is thrilled when Abu is with her. She definitely claims him as her friend. It's funny.

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