Sunday, September 18, 2016

An Out Of Town Guest Named "Scout." No, We're Not Literary At All, But We Are Exhausted From Puppy Play

My colleague, Emily, went to Michigan with her family and I volunteered to dog-sit her puppy. She acclimated to Mt. Pleasant rather quickly and she, Tunga, and Glamis are getting along marvelously. We've gone for walks, sprinted in the backyard, went for a car ride, and even went to a birthday party where they got puppy peanut-butter ice-cream (yes, they make that for dogs) in their own dish. My guess is that Emily's puppy may ask to sleep over again.

Scout, the dog, is named after the charger in To Kill A Mockingbird. This is humorous, as Glamis came with the name she has and is the castle in Scotland where Queen Elizabeth was born. Macbeth, Thane of Glamis.

It's always fun to walk around one dog who is always underfoot, but yesterday I had to trip over two dogs, both equally as needy as the other. They constantly want to know what I'm doing and if they can do it with me.

At moments, they seem to be at rest but within seconds they begin wrestling with one another again. Everything is a a puppy arena for chasing, prodding, pulling, and pushing. Of course, this arena travels to whatever room I am attending.

It's totally fun, too. Scout has the glittering light thing that my sister's dog, Cynde, has. If it shines on the wall it catches her attention and she wants to capture it. Glamis doesn't seem to see it at all, though.

I write this while they're both asleep, which I hope will be for a short while longer. They seems pretty stoked to have one another for company. Of course, today it is supposed to rain, so I'm hoping we can get all the play out early.

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