Sunday, September 11, 2016

Transitions: Hunkering Down in the Good Ol' Office and Submitting to Fall Semester and Its Projects

The leaves falling in my driveway and backyard want to tell the story that summer is over, but the temperatures in the high 80s beg to differ. Walking the dog this morning caused my sweating and her panting, even though I'm ready for sweatshirts, tea, and chili (um, just not yet).

I did take a short hiatus to Louisville and caught somewhat of a break, and I'm hoping it was enough to fuel me for the lists that need to be accomplished: conferences, classes, writing projects, reports, advising, and planning ahead. I decided on Friday night that I was just going to give in and hide away in Canisius Hall to feel somewhat accomplished. I can say I chiseled, but I can't say anything is near the sculpture I intend it to be. I plan on returning tomorrow so I can get further on top of the game so I don't have this suffocating feeling that I have no control of anything. I think it is just the time of the year: closing out summer work and seeing the autumn light ahead.

I get angry with the air, though. With crisp temperatures (and even some rain) I don't feel so bad hibernating indoors. The blue skies and sun, though, make me feel like I should remake spring fever.

I often say that I became a good student because I grew up in Syracuse and gray skies with rain were the norm. In winter, we were blessed with big snows and unbearable temperatures.  A guy couldn't help but stay indoors to read and be on top of the game. Kentucky offered different challenges, though, with the lack of rain and mild winters. "How does anyone get anything done?" I used to ask friends who grew up there. "It's always so nice." Of course, the humidity in the summer kept people inside a lot more.

This summer, Connecticut has had pretty remarkable weather and, perhaps, I've been more distracted outside than tending to life inside. I'm thinking ahead to the early sunsets and the extra hours I get behind a laptop. Ah, but I'm also thinking about work in schools, waking up when they run, and then working late with graduate courses. Maybe that is why I already did a first round of Christmas shopping. I am ready for the lights and glitter of gift-giving and family. I must wait, though.

For the most part, the leaves are still hanging on in hopes that they might produce a little more oxygen for our world. The grass has other plans, as it has succumbed to the Dust Bowl, moles, and ants. I believe the humidity breaks today which will be a nice welcome: socks, sweatpants and long sleeve shirts through the pre-hibernal months. This will move me indoors to the gym where I'm more productive and less likely to distract myself from a physical routine.

I learned my lesson, though, about college football. I don't have 4 hours to commit to a game, no matter how much I want to dedicate to a team. Basketball (November, November, November) is a different story. I wonder if Louisville plays anywhere near the region. If so, I'll go, otherwise it's all on t.v.

And tonight, t.v. brings Big Brother. Casey cheated and read results online. I'm anxious, but not that obnoxious (at least this year, that is).

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