Friday, September 2, 2016

This Is For Teachers, In Celebration of a New School Year, In Celebration of All That You Do...All That You Are.

For Teachers Beginning the 2016 School Year

This may be your first year,
This may be your 5th year,
This may be your last year,
or 26th year,
This may be depressing,
This may be joy,
This may be rewarding,
This may be scary.
You may be ready
You may need another week
You, perhaps are already exhausted,
Maybe you're on the 3rd cup of coffee already,
They will whine,
They will complain,
They will lie,
They will try,
They will grow,
They will admit they didn't know,
They will sometimes even thank you.
You'll be harassed,
You'll be evaluated,
You'll get frustrated,
You'll be misled,
You'll wonder what you're doing,
You'll want them to leave you alone,
You'll read a few more books,
You'll take a few more classes,
You'll countdown the days until it ends.
The emails will come,
The meetings will multiply,
The time you thought you had will be no longer.
You will empty the ocean with a fork as fast as you can.
You'll get a headache,
You'll call a parent,
A parent will call you,
An administrator will, too,
You'll write a politician,
You'll yell at the news,
You'll shake your head often,
You'll bite your bottom lip.
It's the first week of school,
and time to get a grip
That Your Thankless Job Really Matters.
Then they'll call,
They'll visit you again,
They'll send you a letter,
or pop in your mind.
Some will achieve great things,
Others will struggle along the way,
For a short 180 days
You'll be able to play,
And that is why I'm thinking about your contributions today...

Wishing my teacher friends the best school year ever (just stay clever)
Illegitimi non carborundum
 Let challenges keep you up, and remember to fly high.
       Doobie doobie doo, (a procrastinating) Bry

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