Friday, June 17, 2016

Yesterday, Someone Posted About The Importance of Importance. Shout Out To Your Important People

I was sipping coffee when I saw the feed that asked for individuals to reach out to important people to let them know how important they are. It was posted by Attallah, so I quickly messaged the following impromptu poem to her.

How about priority? 
A bringer of serenity,
Who makes simple the complexity 
of Diva, a Shiva of karma
The complex simplicity,

Wrapped in the heartbeat of the universe...
She is the language we rehearse 
and the celestial verse to counter the
curse of darkness.
She sets the sun and also makes it rise...
She is the butterfly wing, see how she flies, She is northeastern winds tapping on your cheek. She is on point, dead center, and definitely on fleek. Important? 
Why, I'd say yes.
She is everything, and with her I'm blessed

I miss having my sometimes roommate to be poetic with, to think creative with, and to be inspired by. She wrote to say she's in need of a Frog-cation and retreat, so I'm hoping Mt. Pleasant will be with her again soon. I'm thinking of this on Friday as I prepare for the book sale this weekend.

TGIF? I will be Thanking God When It's Sunday.

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