Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Friday That Slowly Crept Into a Saturday, Which is Fine By Me, But I Have Books To Sell

I made it home yesterday by lunchtime, and I immediately hit the garage for the book sale. Attallah showed up at 2 and that turned into a late lunch, and a couple of cocktails while waiting for Chitunga to come home. He made it just in time to switch uniforms, and then he was out the door, only to return 10 minutes later to say, "They didn't need me. What are we going to do tonight?"

Attallah wanted barbecue pizza and I wanted to play corn hole, but we needed another person. We said it at the same time, "Howard and Alisha." We called and Alisha said, "Wait, did you just see my Facebook post about how bored I am." We hadn't, but she was thankful that we called.

No one enjoyed the night more than Hayden. He became Glamis's best friend and they chased each other, hid balls from each other, fed each other, and laid around together. Its as precious.

The air cooled down at night and we also tried to solve the world's problems talking politics, global affairs and trying to predict the future. That, of course, went nowhere, but I'm sure we kept all the neighbors up with our debating.

A spur of the moment rendezvous is always the best, because spontaneity brings zest.

Two days ago I wrote that I needed a reunion with Attallah and yesterday we made it happen.

Now it is time to sell some books.

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