Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Managed to Get In a Few Selfies on National Selfie Day (Which Might As Well Be Everyday)

Caryn and I are in the habit of walking mid-work day to get our creativity flowing and to fulfill a commitment to living well (well, in her case, living with Pretty Wellness --- her website dedicated to healthy living). As soon as we got outside, she yelled, "Selfie!" and reported it was National Selfie Day. I'm not one to ever bypass a goofy photo and she was smart to say, "Let's get one before we begin sweating."

Later than afternoon, the Queen of Undergraduate Selfies, Izzy, just happened to be visiting campus with a friend from home and I walked into her in Canisius. They came by my office and got into my toys and I said, "You know Queen Izzy, today is National Selfie Day," which stoked her up and another model shoot entailed.

Finally, on the home front, Chitunga and I updated our selfie collection over ears of corn on the cob and makeshift Moscow mules.  It was a hot day and a lime drink hit the spot. We failed to include Glamis, however, in the photo session.

It's funny to think about the history of photographs since the 1980s...I remember running to drugstores to pick up the rolls I dropped off. I couldn't wait to see the shots. Then, sometime in the late 90s, I decided that taking photographs detracts from living an actual experience so I didn't do it.

Then came these cellphones. Suddenly, I'm documenting everything again - the silliness, the love, the joy, and the insecure egomania.

So here's to a day of self-centered photographs. They say a picture captures a thousand words. Perhaps they capture even more.

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