Tuesday, June 28, 2016

For Family, For Friends, For Sue & Dave, For Louisville. For Harley, Juliette and Ditto. Nothing But Love.

Several years ago, when I left Louisville, I had to say goodbye to a canine friend who was with me for countless hikes, walk-n-talks, gatherings, and get togethers. As we said good bye to Harley, another dog - a twin - showed up. Naturally, it deserved its name, Ditto. He was a replication of the dog that left my Louisville family at the time. This past week, Ditto joined his brother and sister. This is a poem written for Juliette and Harley, and all the fur-friends who make our lives extra special. I am thinking of Sue and Dave - two people who have made my life as incredible as it has been. With this, I send sadness, but also a total appreciation for everything they've been for me (and for our partners in crime). Elephant Shoe.

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  1. A beautifully written poem for an awesome fur child, Ditto. I felt a wonderful strength, and a blessed love that transcends beyond the boundaries of the physical realm. I reflected on saying goodbye to my fur child, Duker, of 16.5 years this past April. Thanks for enabling sharing! Ditto Once More, and for me Duker Once More :) I am considering adopting a rescue this summer , a visually impaired mini-dachshund.