Thursday, June 2, 2016

Perhaps the Card Will Arrive a Day Late. In the Meantime, Happy Birthday, J.C. and an Octopus....just because.

Jacob Charles
Months Before Becoming
Age 7
Yesterday was Mr. J.C.'s official birthday (even though he isn't having a real party (that means, at a bowling alley with friends) until Sunday. Last night, relatives came over, but since I'm almost 5 hours away, I had to call and then Skype, reflecting on his Easter rendezvous on Mt. Pleasant earlier this year, when the rabbits that live under my shed left candy all over my house and backyard. Jacob is pictured here filling his John Legend Easter Basket I pulled from the linen closet (actually, the bag given to me at the event of his during Fashion Week two years ago).

Jacob wanted Chitunga to sing to him, which he did, and to get a FaceTime tour of the bedroom, which also happened. They did that as I became Glamis's chew toy. The most exciting part of the call was when Jacob played Mimi Sue's Sponge Bob card. That Phylum Ponrifera can sing!

On another note, CWP-Fairfield kicked of the summer's labs and institute with a mixer at Uncle Buck's Trophy Room inside the new Bass Pro Shop in Bridgeport. Adorned with Ernest Hemingway posters, a fancy bar, and aquatic bowling alleys, we couldn't help but dig into fishy tales to start things off. As I noted to everyone who attended, I can't imagine a more
Uncle Buck's Octopus
quirky place to host an event, but it was perfect...and nice...and fancy...and delicious. Just the right amount of food in a tremendous space.

We had numerous applicants this year, and I decided to double up and do two summers in this one (because the pool was so phenomenal). I'm looking forward to all that's yet to come (we don't begin until July 5), but already the magic is being felt.

Speaking of being felt, I also knew that as soon as my contracted ended (which was Wednesday at midnight) and the Uncle Buck's event ended, I would likely get sick. The pollen is severe this year and I felt it creeping up all day. When I pulled in my driveway I started to sneeze and now my head and chest are a cesspool of phlegm. Ah, the life. I will carry a box of Kleenex with me for the next few days.

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