Saturday, June 11, 2016

Shouting Out To Class of 2016 #BassickHighSchool. May You Stay The Miracles That You Already Are! @FairfieldU

Yesterday, GSEAP and the leadership of Dr. Robert Hannafin welcomed the graduating class of Bassick High School to Fairfield University for a celebration of accomplishments and yearlong partnership with Fairfield University.

Their senior energy was felt the second they exited the bus, and I could hear the cheering crowd from my window. I couldn't wait to bump fists with these remarkable kids and share pizza with them. My colleagues and I offered high fives and applauded the miraculous accomplishments they made as the class of 2016.

Fairfield University hosted the senior class every Friday on campus, offering mentorship, guidance, space for English classes, and support. It was wonderful for my colleagues and I to hear their visions, comprehend their societal concerns, follow their dreams, and listen to their hopes. I was also proud to see several young people from Ubuntu Academy in the line-up of soon-to-be-graduates.

Statistically, the U.S. likes to report deficit construction for urban students --- that they don't achieve, won't achieve, and can't achieve. This is not true for the 200 young people who are earning their high school diplomas next Tuesday at Webster Arena. They are athletes, writers, thinkers, and mechanics. They are beauticians, linguists, politicians, and medical technicians. They want to drive trucks, learn electrical units, become fashion designers and aim at coaching. They are tremendous individuals and I am thrilled at the young people they've become.

Ms. Smith, the senior year principal, reported Bassick has a record number of graduates this year. The faculty, staff, families and support systems should be proud. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday afternoon than applauding them as they move forward in their lives.

Six young adults from Bassick High School will join Fairfield University's Class of 2020 this September.


  1. Great tribute to a wonderful and inspiring young stars. Thanks Bry

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