Friday, June 24, 2016

Ugh. Thanks Brinkmann For the Tremendous Let Down. Well, Grill Parts USA...This Is On You

A month ago, my Brinkman grill handle fell off. I went to hardware stores, but couldn't find a replacement, and then thought to myself, "Wait. This is the 21st century. Do a little research and find the placement yourself."

So, that's what I do. I get my grill model number, I search for a couple of weeks and finally I find the right handle for the replacement. There's a photo and the number 113.330.0 that is named as the official replacement part for my particular grill.

$20 on a Visa and I look forward to the replacement.

I still grill, granted, but I have to makeshift how I open and close the lid. It's all good I tell myself because I ordered the right part.

It didn't come. It didn't come. It didn't come.

And then yesterday it came. I new from the second I saw the box that it was all incorrect. There's no way that my replacement part could fit in such a tiny box. I open it up and sure enough...this was not the part I ordered online and I laughed because there was a strip of masking tape with the correct number written it.


I called the company and the lady asked, "Can you take a photo of what we went you? I want to check it with the number and what we have in stock." I assured her that I had the right number and online the order looks very different than what they sent. She asked me to email the photographs.

So crazy. Why don't they just make grills with reliable handles? It's looking like I might have to jimmy a Crandall device to sustain my summer grilling style. Ah, America. This too shall pass.

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