Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Four More Days Until @CWPFairfield and the Big Book Yard Sale (Thanks Cinthia from @FairfieldU

Book Sale! Book Sale! Book Sale!

In 2011, when I was on the job market, I remember that Cinthia Gannett attended my research talk and introduced herself as a passionate instructor of writing. For the last five years she's been a writing God-Mother to me: a neighbor, a colleague, a mentor, an intellect, and a connector. This year, 2016, she's announced her retirement and she and her husband, John, donated a garage-full of books to CWP to host a book sale to raise money for the kids and teachers.

There are anthologies, writing manuals and guides, mysteries, literature, how-to books, novels, Shakespeare collections, writing handbooks, anthologies - MY GARAGE IS PACKED.

And so this Saturday, 11 am - 4 pm, Chitunga, Linda Miller (of the English Department) and I will have a book festival at my home in Stratford. The goal is to make money and also to allow people to walk away with a few beach reads (professional reads)(guilty pleasure reads). There are a lot of books, and we may offer $15 boxes to take how many you can fit --- haven't thought that far ahead.

Notice the lemonade, too. If it is a beautiful day, I'm likely to have Mt. Pleasants on hand which usually is a concoction of fruit juices and whatever else we have on the mantel. 

I remember vividly when I moved to Connecticut my father said, "What does one do with all these books?" My sister asked, "Did you really read all of these?" Truth is, yes, I did read them all, but my book collection is not for sale. Cinthia and John are selling their books and condensing their house in their return move back to Boston. Everything must go.

It is Pequot, before Pequot. 

This post is an invitation for you to spread the word, but also a reminder that THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING THIS WEEKEND. Biting my nails that it will be a fabulous success (otherwise the temptation to keep them all might arrive -- and I don't need any more books!)

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