Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jake Visited During a House Showing, And So I Needed A Second Shower. Dog Saliva. Yuck.

When houses go up for sale in Monroe, and homeowners need a place to go, Crandall opens up Mt. Pleasant and says, "Sure, bring the dogs. They'll tire Glamis out."

Of course, Jake loves to be on top of me and thus the canine licking bath begins and suddenly my lap is taken over by a big lug of fur. I'm sure I tasted like a salt lick, because I just went for a run and didn't change my clothes.

Mae and Glamis sprinted and wrestled in the yard, but Jake preferred giving me partial treatment as if I was a chew toy or a big lump of steak.

It's wonderful, though. I love summer because spontaneity and surprise is par for the course and with such wonderful weather, who doesn't enjoy afternoon guests, especially when a favor is being served.

No hives, either. I guess that was a childhood reaction. Rather, I just got soaked and felt like a wet trout was being shoved up my nostrils and in my ears. "Oh, but Jake loves his Uncle Bry-Bry."

That he does.

In the meantime, Glamis retired early, exhausted from play, so that is a win-win situation. I, too, was wiped out, but for me it wasn't about was about wrestling a dog off my lap. He's such a creature.

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