Monday, June 27, 2016

Last Week in June, So It Is Holding My Breath Season. In July, All I Can Do Is Hope For The Best

I looked at my calendar yesterday and thought, "Really? How did June fly by so fast? It's almost July and that means Invitational Leadership Institute and Young Adult Literacy Labs time."

That is why I inhaled and will only be willing to exhale sometime in August. My fingers are crossed that over the last few weeks of this month everything was put into place to accommodate for the 160+ individuals who will embark on Fairfield's campus for CWP-Fairfield work. Every year I get nervous and then I remember, the National Writing Project model works. I have to have faith in the model. It's a giant, month-long party of irreplaceable professional development and student writing opportunities.

In the meantime, my nerves are focused on last minute details, the upcoming holiday weekend where I have absolutely NO plans, the arrival of the twins, and the multiple rain dances I've been doing desiring that moisture will fall on this much-too-dry ground.

8 more days of preparation. I will finish a final writing project for June and get the house prepped for the frat-house to come. All else is CWP-Fairfield work.

This weather has been such a distraction - it's difficult to nerd out inside when it's so fantastic outside. Ah, but I see they are calling for a couple of crappy days ahead. Here's hoping...

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