Thursday, October 13, 2016

Writing Our Lives With Ubuntu and The Inspiration of Rick Shaefer's REFUGEE TRILOGY, NWP Radio Schedule For Tonight

Yesterday was a magical day uniting several wonderful human beings from southern Connecticut: youth, teachers, artists, curators, and writers who were involved in a special collaboration during the 2016 Invitational Leadership Institute at Fairfield University. In short, our programs served 200 young people, 15 new teacher leaders, and the inspiration of Rick Shaefer's work that is now on display at the Walsh Gallery.

Art begets art. Story inspires story. Writers write to connect.

Akbaru and Juma met me after they participated with undergraduate students of Fairfield University throughleadership of Dr. Jocelyn Boryczka, Political Science, and a service learning course. The three of us hung out in my office for a while and rehearsed what they might say when interviewed on National Writing Project radio. They were nervous, but they are at the heart of the Ubuntu work that currently drives the collaborations, partnerships, and creativity of our programs. (I didn't know hot flashes came to individuals so young...but I understand the fear of public speaking. I shared many of my stories where anxiety has caused me to sweat!)

One and two years in the country, Akbaru and Juma are already putting their words and stories onto the American landscape.

In the house, too, was teacher Dave Wooley of West Hill High School in Stamford, and Ubuntu educators Jessica Baldizon and William King, of Cesar Batalla K-8 and Bassick High School. They were part of the bigger story, as well as Carey Mack Weber of the Fairfield University Art Museum and, of course, Rick Shaefer, the artist who inspired all the work.

We recorded late last night and now we sit back and await the premier of the show at 7 pm tonight (I will get home just in time from teaching to see how everything pulled together).

I'm forever thankful to the influence of National Writing Project, the wonderful kids who I'm fortunate to work with, and the awesome teachers who find their way to CWP-Fairfield. Today, a special shout-out to Tanya Baker for inviting us to be guests not the show.

I am, because we are. The community surround this project is everything.

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