Saturday, October 8, 2016

To Me, Autumn Tastes Like Apple Crisp, Vanilla Ice Cream, Conference Preparations and Samuel Adams Octoberfest

You know you're an adult when you get off work on a Friday night, come home, walk the dog, run the dish washer, load the washing machine, and head to get items at the grocery store necessary to survive the three-day weekend holiday. Yes, this included coffee, Sriracha sauce, tooth paste, milk, juices, and cereal. I didn't need to buy Octoberfest because I did that a few weeks ago.

Then, settling in for the evening, you pull out your bag of ungraded materials, open a bottle and dig in to what's been on the mind of students and the possible feedback that can be given to push their accomplishments along.

Gone are the days of night clubs, restaurants, and high school Friday night events. In replacement, essays, proposals, data, reflections, and unanswered emails.

And Octoberfest. There's a need for the flavor of Fall, where the nights get shorter, the bed calls louder, and the agenda seems fuller.

Kudos to Samuel Adams for this brew and their ability to put a little flavor into the reality that in the world of education, education never seems to take a break. The 6 pm news of Mathew, female degradation made by Presidential hopefuls, the strange support for Presidential hopefuls who degrade females that seems to have a larger portion of voting society, and the conflicts in Syria have me thinking that an Octoberfest will taste that much better. It doesn't change much, but it does put a good flavor into the soul amongst the craziness and deadlines.

Good Morning, Saturday. We're off!

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