Thursday, October 20, 2016

#WhyIWrite #NDOW @fairfieldU @ncte @writingproject @cwpfairfield This is My October Contribution, 2016. #Ubuntu

Happy National Day of Writing, 2016!

It's October 20th and in the tradition of B to the R to the Y to the A to the N (Ribbit Ribbit) I will use today's post to offer a few reasons why I write. As our CWP-Fairfield t-shirts boast, I personally write

In other words it's as I've been saying for quite some time now...

Why do I write? Because I have to.

I write because I believe in the National Writing Project and I stand as testimony - in the flesh and proof -  for the power of the teachers teaching teachers model and the importance of writing instruction in K-12 American schools.

In my 5th year as a classroom educator, I was nominated to participate in the Louisville Writing Project XXI and have been a changed human being ever since. The National Writing Project works. Period. They invest in the power of writing and they invested in me so that I can invest in the young people I work with and the adults who advocate for their excellence.

I write, because I am. And I am, because I'm writing with you. So, thank you.

U B U N T U !

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