Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Much-Too-Common, Ubiquitous Saucony Posting To Announce I Got New Sneakers and I Feel Rejuvenated

On Sunday, Tunga and I took our DSW coupon and said, "What if we problem solve in our spending so we can take advantage of the discount they're offering?"

He was first to find a cool of rather cool boots that were reasonably priced, and definitely sharp. I then saw the only pair of Saucony sneakers that I could see myself wearing and tried them on. Yup. Sold. I'm such a loyal Saucony customer and they really should do an advertisement with me selling their wares to everyone in America. They also should give me extra discounts on their sneakers. I've been wearing their product since I was 17 years old and my loyalty is getting rather obnoxious.

I am learning that I'm good with a a pair of sneakers for around six months (at most). After the summer, I wore the treads and threads of all my sneakers to a place of no use, but I've still been wearing them. I needed a new pair, so DSW it was.

And I succeeded, even if my shoes match my car and I will look like some sort of freakish parakeet while wearing them. Tweety tweety tweet. It's all good.

Which brings me to my porch. I asked Chitunga to sort his shoe collection to the 'keepers' and 'non-keepers' so I know what to bring to Goodwill and the dump. Then I realized, "Crandall, You're more ridiculous than he is." I admit, although I have departed with a lot of athletic footwear, I've grown partial to some (including too Class throwback pairs of Saucony's I bought while in Kentucky that reminded me of the pairs I first wore when I started running as a high school student. As I told Tunga, "Look. This tread was made to last. They don't make tread like this anymore. That's why I'm constantly buying new sneakers."

Bottom line. I had to collect the sneakers I no longer needed and they will join the pile that Tunga is willing to depart with. I hate saying good-bye to old sneakers, but I know I'm unlikely to wear many pairs. There is nothing left to them, but still they remind me of places in time, 5Ks, moments in my life, and coordination of outfits. "Dude. They're sneakers."

And I have another pair. I'm sure if one was to look at my blogging activity since 2008, they'd see that every time I get a new pair of kicks (about every six months) I once again reflect on the dilemma of newness versus what once was.




It's all symbolic.

And I have bought an obnoxious yellow pair of sneakers to carry me forward another 180 days before I will need another pair. Already I've put too many miles on them. At 44, I keep thinking that if I use them enough, I just might get younger.

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