Sunday, October 23, 2016

And Just Like That I Want to Hibernate Until April, But I Refuse To Turn on the Heat...Just Yet. Crispiness is Cool.

I was talking with my little sister on the phone yesterday morning, while she was sitting in her car to keep warm during Sean's Saturday soccer match. Jake was on her lap and they looked like they were freezing, but I was sitting in Stratford in shorts and t-shirt, getting ready for the gym. It was raining, but the temperature hadn't plummeted...


I went to the gym, worked out, and came back outside and thought, "If a snowflake falls from the sky I'm calling Bonnie and Karl in Florida and moving in with them. I'm not ready for the cold.

Ah, but then a day of cooking some sort of spicy sauce for pasta and chicken, the Louisville and Syracuse football games, and a stack of papers to work on, I thought, "It's all good. I can get into the darkness and frigidity ready to come."

I walked Glamis late afternoon and wished I had a pair of gloves on. I was in transitional attire: two sweatshirts, but still in a pair of shorts (from the gym). I am not good about showering on the weekends, because I get into Crandall chair mode and simply want to get through everything I couldn't accomplish during the week (which yesterday consisted of the 100 emails I failed to respond to that arrived between Wednesday and Friday).

The whole day made me think about how ancestors of yesteryear used to deal with the transition, before electricity and the ability to over purchase clothes from Kohl's clearance racks. Fire pits, yes, but still - what a miserable mess to teal with the onset of winter before modern luxuries were invented.

Still, the scenery of this season is always stunning and the smell of everything Fall is delicious to inhale. The Christmas decorations are a little too much (it's not even Halloween, after all) but the cheaper-than-usual apples at Big Y are a treat (and boy do I wish I was with Cynde last night for her apple dumplings for Nikki).

No rain in the forecast for today, but winds and cooler air. I guess I'll take it - whatever choice do any of us ever have.

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