Monday, October 24, 2016

The Little Sister's Big Monday Birthday Today, and Glamis Was Hoping She'd Come Celebrate With Us

This was the scene on my windowsill all day yesterday. I made the mistake of telling the dog that it was Casey's birthday, and maybe she'd drive down from Syracuse with Dixie so we could celebrate. Glamis immediately ran upstairs to put on her birthday hat and then set out to make cupcakes. It turns out, when she lies on the windowsill, her back thighs make the perfect table - a 180 degree horizontal lap perfect for holding cupcakes for his aunt.

Blowing up balloons, however, was a little trickier, as her claws kept popping the balloons when she held them to her mouth to blow them up.

I imagine she will sit on the front windowsill today, too, for it is Casey's official birthday and there's still a chance she'll drive the 4.5 hours (or 6.8 hours in Barnwell-we-get-lost-everytime-time) it takes to get here from Syracuse.

Unfortunately, the card Chitunga and I have for Aunt Casey is in my office and wasn't mailed. It's Monday, and the week has begun with its own set of unexpected challenges to kick things off. In the meantime, the happiness that my (The Great One) little sister (The Pain) is turning another year older is a reason to have a smile on my face all day.

Glamis is looking forward to eating her cupcakes if she doesn't show. She baked them with Alpo, squirrel poop, stuffing from a stuffed animal, and a couple of Bic pens. She would have added a remote control, but they're a little too fancy and out of our financial reach.

Here's to my little sister's October birthday!  

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