Sunday, October 30, 2016

Time Is a Tricky Monster, and The Great Whatever Doesn't Always Make Sense With How It Uses Its Time

Several years ago, my colleagues welcomed me and Ryan Colwell as new faculty members in Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation. Kevin and Emily graciously opened their home, and Abu, Lossine, and Chitunga came with me for the festivity. It was a full house event, but what I remember most rom the evening was when the boys took their son, Christian, outside to play basketball. He was so excited to have a team to play agains, that he ran upstairs and changes his clothes into a jersey of his favorite team.

Fast forward.

Yesterday was an extremely hard day, as Christian's father, Kevin, was laid to rest after a 9 month battle with brain cancer. I've attended several funeral proceedings in my life, and I don't think any of them are easier than the other. Still, yesterday's celebration did a number on me - Kevin was a phenomenal scholar, friend, colleague, husband, father, coach, humanitarian, dean, activist, and human being. The praises were loud and clear - he was one of a kind.

Hearing story after story from his brothers, sister, and then the open forum - in the Quaker tradition - was extremely moving. The one story that got me most was the man who flew from Michigan to share that Kevin was his Big Brother in a Big Brother, Big Sister program. He had a difficult time sharing his story, but spoke from the heart and called all in the church to grab their tissues.

When I got home from the services, I looked for the photos of the twins, Chitunga and Christian playing basketball that day. Everyone was happy and the world was, somehow, a little more innocent.
I dont' pray much, but when I do it is for a reason. I am praying for my colleague Emily to continue to find the strength to keep her beautiful family afloat. I'd call the whole story a tragedy, expect for the fact that Kevin was an optimist and touched 1,000s of lives - there's nothing tragic about that. Rather, it is the opposite.

Still, the heart is heavy when there are no words.

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