Sunday, October 9, 2016

Became "Husband For Rent: Yesterday to Help Out Friends With Various Tasks. Earned Myself Corn Fritters. I Win

I can be coerced into anything and, really, all it calls for is a dinner or maybe a six back. "Can you help me transport these items?" "I need yard work done." "Would you be able to help me store some items in my basement?" "How would you like to pave my driveway, tile my roof, and rewire my upstairs?"

Yesterday, I painted the basement floor of a friend's home with Chitunga in tow. We were awarded with Corn Fritters with maple syrup and sausage. Bonus. I haven't had Corn Fritters in several years (and they are one of my favorite meals).

Truth is, I also like to paint. I usually like a day to prep, a morning to etch along the floorboards and ceiling, and then an evening of filling in the rest. We did pretty well, and from 2:30 until 5:30 we managed to tackle an entire basement. It ended up looking good and it was over in time to catch a few football games on the tube.

And I have to admit that I've been craving Maple Sugar Candy. I don't want a lot, but just a bite to bring me back to my childhood and the the rich, sugary intense sweetness that it offers. I think the Corn Fritters kicked that in gear.

Rainy morning, cloudy afternoon, and Presidential debate. Looks like a Sunday (and Tunga's going to an aerobics class and a Six Flags - a friend of his is teaching her first class and afterwards they're going to celebrate that she was licensed...Something tells me that a video of Chitunga doing aerobics would be one for America's Funniest Home Videos...$5 dollars to they who tape him).

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