Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Light of the Moon Is More Special Than Its Ever BeenBefore. @jlmageezer is the Reason

Yesterday, a glimmer from the Class of 2005 of the J. Graham Brown School sent me a note on Facebook to say that today, this morning, the Class of 2017 will be walking to the first floor on the corner of 1st and Muhammad Ali to be partnered with another crop of lil' ones.

One variation of the story as it came to be can be found in the poem written many "moons" ago: The Story of All Stars and Moonbeams.

TODAY THE SENIOR MOONBEAMS GET THEIR KINDERGARTEN PARTNERS - THE FIREFLIES! IT IS A MAGICAL DAY INDEED (and somewhere theres a poem about this, too, but I haven't found it).

Jesse was hired as an English teacher at the Brown, her alma mater, and was tasked with the senior class (with all the senioritis that typically comes with the territory - seniors, if you're reading this make note that this year, your final year, is extremely important to your trajectory in life. Take advantage of it and know, what is today, will not be tomorrow. Carpe Diem).

Jesse also receive the AnERip book award with David Harvey during her senior year, a gift bestowed on the funk, spunk, punk, wit, hard work, poetry and creativity that is the school.

I'm so proud to know she's representing the next generation of the Brown School mission and its shared values.

Ah, but her message on Facebook grayed my hairs a little more. All Stars from my day are now Brown School graduates and I contacted the teacher of Fireflies, Barb Doyle, to say, "We have great grandkids together (Class of 2029? Am I right? Oh, Man).

Jesse put an all call on Facebook and suddenly Moonbeams of yesteryear started recalling their experiences with the youngest readers, writers, and thinkers in the school. For a decade, I spent Wednesdays with my senior classes and their little buddies in a wide variety of ways. I think of those days as extra, extra special - the family at the school is irreplaceable.

I am thinking of the Brown this morning and wishing everyone the glow of stars, fireflies and moons. There is a responsibility to such light and I hope they find it; somehow I know they will.

Jesse's got this!

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