Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tried Something New Last Night. Retired From Working at 9 p.m. So My Brain Wasn't Running until 2 a.m. in the Morning

I definitely sleep better than the days when I was a classroom teacher and felt like I was carrying the world on my shoulders. The world is still there, like it is for most of us, but the hours differ in higher education. I feel like I spend much more time behind screens and editing, revising, planning, creating, and problem solving than the face-to-face work of K-12 teaching.

With that said, I've gotten into a terrible habit of staying up later and later to get things done. I have been going to bed at 1 and not falling asleep until 2. This makes mornings a little rougher, and I've always been my best in the morning.

So I made the executive decision to pull the plugs earlier, except on nights when I teach until after 9. I'm hoping this will allow me to turn my brain off when I hit the pillow, rather than seeing a continuation of words, screens, and laptop light behind my eyes when I close them. I can turn the systems back on in the morning - they will be awaiting me (and my coffee).

This is an experiment, however. I'm trying to listen to my body that is telling me that the 6 hours of sleep I've been getting is an hour or two short of what I need. Since it is the Fall and the Mucinex monsters will be returning soon, I also want to be sure I'm hydrated, equipped with teas, and getting sleep. The treadmill, I'm telling myself, needs to be slowed down some before I get sick.

I'm hoping that it works and I am at peace like the puppy above. We all need our rest, after all.

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