Saturday, October 1, 2016

Investing in a Community Event in Danbury: Spoken Work, Hip Hop, and Musical Celebrations of Language and Life

I closed out my Friday night in support of two educators who participated in the 2016 Invitational Summer Leadership Institute at Fairfield University. David Wooley and Lizzie Lewis, writers, teachers and performers, congregated talents in Danbury Connecticut under they code name SWAT to host CHROME, a spoken word jam at a studio that was used to record Lizzie's poetry.

Guitarists, writers, vocalists, poets, and lovers of language took to the mic to share their talents and perform as a community with a drive to resurrect the power of voicing their worlds before one another.

Chips, sandwiches, cookies and soda were sponsored by CWP-Fairfield and the duo demonstrated their expertise of summer work that joined powerful voices in union of words meant to be heard.

It is a true pleasure to invest in visionaries such as Lizzie and David, and to water the seed they planted over the summer with vision of offering locations for young people to share their talents on a weekend night.

Here's to them, and the finger snaps they deserve.

Wow. It's October already.

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