Friday, April 15, 2016

Year Five for Them, Year Four For Me! Congratulations to Hill Central Academy, K-8, for the Silver Edition of Their Poetry Slam

Ladies and Gentleman, the 2016 Slam Poets of Hill Central, K-8 --- all 19 of them, with their poetic mentors.

  • Jah-Bles
  • Breyiona
  • Lean
  • Trinity
  • Jacob
  • Jaleel
  • Sandy
  • Johanaris
  • Neishaly
  • Janiah
  • Sosa
  • Rae-Gran
  • Jayleen,
  • Kadejah
  • Honesty
  • Samuel
  • Shante
  • Wendy

Each year, I look forward to the few hours I spend at Hill Central in celebration of their student writers. Each and every year, the performances get better and the occasion becomes more of a celebrity occasion. The kids pour their hearts out on stage, write from lived experiences, and articulate their lives for others to hear. Two years ago, it was great to add Kwame Alexander to the mix.

At the core, however, is an incredible faculty with leadership that trusts in the excellence of teaching and the power of youth voices.

Today is Friday and it really is my fried-day. I can't wait to get home this afternoon to crash. I think, however, my afternoon will be extended to 7 pm. This too shall pass.

For now, I have the rhythm of the kids and that will fuel me for a while.

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