Monday, April 18, 2016

The Point of the Year When You Measure How Green Your Thumb Was The Summer Before. S P R I N G

I procrastinated some more yesterday afternoon, in between reading and planning for the week. I put down more fertilizer, filled some holes (thanks, Glamis), and began to investigate possibilities for new plants and locations. I always love this time of year when hopeful heads pop their brains from the soil singing, "Here we are again! Did you miss us? Your babies are back and Mother Nature wishes to thank you for caring about her Earth and giving back some!"

I had a lot of luck with last year's plantings, but the annuals were even better (and I know they aren't coming back). Occasionally, they do reseed themselves and surprise me (the geraniums were out of control last year), but I'm not too optimistic. I'm also happy that the grass seed filled in some of the gaps from a very dried out lawn. The house sat vacant for a couple of years and with Connecticut crab grass, it was not the most sightly yard. In fact, Chitunga Google-Earthed our house and wanted me to know that the lawn looked terrible. He was embarrassed. Yesterday, however, he looked around and said, "Hey, it's looking a lot better. There's just a few more patches to take care of" (this from a kid who leaves me notes about ways he wants ME to re-landscape the house - he takes flyers put in our mailbox and writes, "I think we need to activate a relationship with these people).

My neighbors did that last year - worked with a door to door lawn person. They spent $1,800 and their lawn never grew. It looked like a dry desert. I just went by my dad's teachings....fertilizer...raking...grass seed...and water. It already looks better this year. Tonga, though, says, "This is a competition...we need the nicest lawn in the neighborhood."

What? Does have Papi Butch's blood? Does he hope we'll get a Sherburne-Earlville pitchfork in our yard for being the most green.

Seriously, though, I could work in the soil as a career. I love digging, rearranging, planting, and waiting. I think it is enjoyable because it is time I can spend away from technology and the keyboard.

And with that, it's time for Monday. Off to work I go.

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