Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Wall For Reentering Myself with @AbuBility @LBility Chitunga, Attallah and Others. Calm In the House.

On Friday, before I left for a day of meetings, I stopped and looked at the photo collection in my hallway and said, "yup, this re-centers me purpose."

Yesterday was a day of Fairfield University in the morning, then an afternoon of outdoor work, to celebrate the 64 degrees (today, it will be 70 degrees!). I mowed the lawn (am I Butch or what?), did spring cleaning indoors, cooked, and basically avoided everything intellectual that I was supposed to get to...

My punishment? I need to do it today with (a) Chitunga has the entire day off! and (b) the temperatures are going to tease me to go outside every second of the day.

The twins had an EOP celebration at Brockport last night and they are less than a month away to their college graduation. Who would have thunk that possible 8 years ago? I guess I did, but I didn't know it would be a SUNY school, Say Yes, Ubuntu Academy, and emergency funding along the way (cough cough...they say they will keep me from a nursing home. I just want them to keep me laughing).

When I walked Glamis yesterday (and later when I had a glass of wine), I thought about how awesome it would be to have Cynde, Mike, Dave, Casey, Mom & Dad in the neighborhood, too, especially now that the weather is breaking. All my neighbors were out doing yard work and we caught up with anticipation that warmer nights are ahead...but it's not the same as the CNY unit who are simply 5 hours, too far away. My mom says she's ready to have someone come to clean her house and if I lived in Syracuse, I might tap into that luxury and ask, "Hey, you want to do my indoor stuff, too? I'm about done with indoor choirs." It's all good. They'll get done.

Three more weeks of classes, and then summer chaos begins (although it is more joy and excitement than chaos).

Today, a day of rest. Um, well, a day of not having to be anywhere accept behind books and a laptop. 

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